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The original Titan billet spacer. The spacers will lift the front of your Titan 2" and will make your '04-'07 4wd or any year 2wd Titan look level (we like to leave 1/2" of forward rake otherwise the rear looks to sag). These are not recommended for 2008+ 4wd Titans as they can cause extra coil bucket contact and may be hard to align. But these are perfect for any 2wd or early 4wd. These spacer kits included longer urethane bumpstops to prevent harsh bottoming and to protect the shock under full compression. The spacer kits include detailed instructions and new cotter pins. Install is done with basic hand tools and should take about 2 hours. On 2006+ trucks we do recommend running a new adjustable cam bolt set as you will need to have an alignment done and cams may be needed.

Titan/Armada 2 inch Lift Spacers

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