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Designed to offer 95% of the handling and ride quality of the more expensive 2.5"" diameter coilovers at 2/3 the price. We designed these to be an excellent upgrade offering adjustable ride height and a race quality shock for the best cost/performance ratio around. These offer up to 3.5" on a 2wd. The Eibach springs are selctable and will decrease lean in the corners and decrease brake dive substantially while still keeping a great ride. We include a spanner wrench to make height adjustments a quick twist of the wrench. These units come pre-assembled and ready to install. Installation is easier than a leveling kit and should take about 1-2 hours. They are preset for approx. 2.5" on a 2wd. . An alignment is required after installation. These shocks are no longer availalable for 4WD - 2WD only for these small shocks. Also, we offer these is standard replacement length or Extended version for use with aftermarket upper a-arms.

These ship directly from Radflo and take about 10-12 working days to ship.

Titan Radflo 2.0 2wd Coilovers

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