NOTE; any coilover/shock order will have 24 hrs to cancel after ordered or be subject to a 30% cancellation fee if you change your mind later Due to Covid all production times have been extended and availabilty of product has simply decreased creating longer wait times.


These are the best value for the performance enthusiast. Radflo and PRG have spent years refining these shocks into what they are today. Great ride, easy install, best plating in the biz, best seals out there, and many options make these great shocks for the Titan and Armada. These are available in many spring options from 550lb to 700lb (600 and 650 being most popular). We offer these in oem replacement length and an extended version for use with aftermarket upper a-arms (PRG, Total Chaos, Rough Country, Dirt King, CJD etc). These are an IFP shock meaning that they work just like a shock with an external reservoir but the res part is internal in the body of the shock. We offer these in external res too so ill compare them here...keep in mind that performance, ride and longevity are nearly identical. 
-IFP easier to install as there is not reservoir to mount
-IFP easier to adjust as the body mounts down and the spring adjuster is much easier to access as it is not tucked into the coil bucket...also there is no hose to work around
-IFP uses a longer spring (14" vs 12")
-Remote res looks cooler...certainly more street cred, but no better performance in this application.
-Remote res can add an external compression adjuster (more $$ though) but these are fun to mess with
-IFP cost about $250 less than remote.
These shocks ship ready to install and offer up to about 3" of height over stock. We include a spanner wrench so you can make adjustments too. These are also available in EXTENDED lenght for use with aftermaket upper a-arms. 

These drop ship from Radflo and typically take 10-12 working days to ship as they are custom made per order.

Titan Radflo 2.5 IFP Coilovers