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These Radflo 2.5" dia coilovers are specifically designed to be used with PRG titan UCA or SPC Titan UCA. These are the longest shocks we can fit into the space provided. These offer full wheel travel and upto about 5" lift....4" will ride better though. These are the same shocks we use in out titan-swap kit. These are offered with spring rates from 550-700 in 50lb increments. You can not use a spacer on top of these as they are as long as possible and adding a spacer can cause coilbucket contact and loss of comp. travel as well as cv wear, cv boot tearing and lower ball joint binding. These typically take 10-15 days to build and they are made to order. If you order here we will contact you about the proper set-up, ride height, spring rate, valving and even spring color options. Price includes shipping in the 48 states w/ default silver springs.

Titan Swap 2.5" Radflo Coilovers

SKU: tsrf25co
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