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DOES NOT INCLUDE AXLES ANYLONGER. YOU WILL NEED TO SOURCE YOUR OWN.typically $200 from Roackauto and we can provide the part numbers for you.

Note: This is a complex kit with many variables. We will set it up as best we can to make your install as easy as possible..BUT, you may need to adjust the spring perch (spring compressor), you may have to cut out your old cam bolts, you may need adjust or grind a little here or there. We are also not responsible if the shop you choose looses parts, damages parts and/or simply doesnt know how to install the parts. You will need an alignement and you willl have to find a good shop as it wil not be to nissan's spec. Thid is a budget kit, but NOT a beginner kit. The budget part is that you need to do the work yourself, please understand this is a bit more involved than a simply upper arm/coilover install. The way the 5100/6112 are assemebled will be as long as possible and may need to be compressed slightly to install. this is fine and part of being a "budget" kit. If you want something with a little better fit, pony up $500+ more for a Titan-swap specific coilover.


More details soon, but this kit contains everything needed to Titan Swap an 05+ Xterra and is a complete, true bolt-on. Yes, we do assemble the 5100 for you too.

Kit consists of the following, many parts in this will drop ship form different vendors, please be patient as things may arrive at different times. All parts are new also

-Titan lower a-arms

-Rough Country Titan upper a-arms

-PRG assembled Tundra 5100 w Moog springs w/ custom fit upper mounts

-PRG tie rod extensions

-PRG 19" braided brakelines

-Napa/Moog/Oriellies assemebled front axle shafts for r180 diff

-PRG/Deaver rear dual add-a-leafs

-PRG shackles

-Bils 5125 rear shocks ready to install.

-New longer u-bolts


-Rear brake line bracket

Xterra Titan Swap Complete Budget Kit

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