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Upto 16 weeks to build , NO REFUNDS. 

NOTE; any coilover/shock order will have 24 hrs to cancel after ordered or be subject to a 30% cancellation fee if you change your mind later Due to Covid all production times have been extended and availabilty of product has simply decreased creating longer wait times. 


These Radflo 2.5" dia coilovers are specifically designed to be used with PRG Titan UCA or SPC Titan UCA. These are the longest shocks we can fit into the space provided. These offer full wheel travel and up to about 5" lift....4" will ride better though. These are offered with spring rates from 500-700 in 50lb increments. You should not use a spacer on top of these as they are as long as possible and adding a spacer can cause coilbucket contact and loss of compression travel as well as lower ball joint and CV boot damage. These typically take 10-15 days to build and they are made to order and drop ship directly from Radflo. These are set to about 4" lift over stock but can easily be adjusted using the provided spanner wrench.

People often ask if these are better than the Remote Res Units, so Ill point out a few things;

1, IFP mounts the body of the shock "upside down"...this allows us to run a 14" vs 12" long spring. Longer is better in this case as we also have more spring rate options. This is due to axle shaft clearance.

2, IFP holds more oil in the body of the shock as the body is much longer afforded by the inverted mounting...this means slightly less fatigue...sorry to inform, but the reservoir does NOT keep the shock body cooler nor does the res increase functional oil capcity...90% of the res is gas...not oil.

3, the IFP units are easier to adjust the ride height as the coil spring adjuster is just above the axle shaft and not burried in the coil bucket.

4 IFP do not look nearly as cool as the Remote Res units.

5 IFP are easier to mount as there is no res mounting bracket to drill holes 

6 IFP is less likely to leak as there is no hose or fittings to deal with

7 In this application (Frontier/Xterra front coilover) there is really no loss or gain in wheel travel remote vs ifp.

Titan Swap Radflo 2.5 IFP Coilover

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