NOTE; any coilover/shock order will have 24 hrs to cancel after ordered or be subject to a 30% cancellation fee if you change your mind later Due to Covid all production times have been extended and availabilty of product has simply decreased creating longer wait times. 

Build times are currently about 2-6 weeks, msybr longer


We are proud to introduce these coilovers specifically for the Rough Country (4" and 6") and Fabtech (6") Lifts We start with a Bilstien 6112 w either 600 or 650lb springs (600 is great for stock, 650 for guys running plate bumper or a winch), we then add our billet upper mount and HD bushing assemblies, and ship them ready to install. We tyically set these on the 2nd of the 4 height adjustments to match the factory strut and spacer height. But we can go down about 3/4" or up 1.5"...note, the ride quality at the +1.5" setting will not be as good as the lower settings...but still good. These shocks replace the giant spacer that sits on top of the factory strut on these lifts. These shocks have about 1/2" more shaft travel than all current coilovers too, reguardless of price. Allow about 1-2 weeks for us to assemble.

Titian Bilstein 6112 Bracket Lift Coilovers