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Note, these are not our first recommendation for a Titan Swap kit as they are not adjustable and your camber will be slightly negative. The bushings used on these arms require excessive greasing and still squeak....LOUDLY. You will also end up with a discusting ball of snot (grease and dirt) around the bushings becasue youve pumped grease in them 50 you like driving a backhoe? There is a reason why the factories no longer use greasable pivots (my opionion on the OME rear shackles is the same).  Your significant other will remind you of how noisey these are over every speed bump and crouch with embarasment as you crusie the mall. These come partially assembled and once the bushings are pressed in, you will need to bevel the rear of the bushings with a belt sander to fit properly in the arm pocket AND grind the small steel tabs inside the mounting pocket on the chassis to keep the bushings from self destructimg. The build quality is and powder coat are top notch (as are all TC products), unfortunatly these are just about 15 years behind other arms. Evven if these were 1/2 the price there are still better functional arms for the money....although these are good looking

Below is all the normal BS from the Mfg info.

4130 chromoly tubular upper control arms are 100% bolt on and hand crafted in the U.S.A.
UCAs are designed with added caster to aid in retaining factory alignment specs when aftermarket lift kits are installed. This reduces the darting or wandering in the vehicle's steering when 2-3" lift kits are installed.
CNC machined tapered spindle adapters convert the factory ball joint to a 1" uniball for added component strength & maximum wheel travel.
TOTAL CHAOS includes 1" I.D. uniballs that feature a heat treated stainless steel ball & heat treated stainless steel race for maximum corrosion resistance and component longevity. These uniball's also features a military grade PTFE woven fabric liner that helps prevent noise.
Custom profile upper and lower hi-misalignment spacers maximize droop wheel travel and are machined from heat treated 17-4 stainless steel.
Upper control arms combined with extended length coil over shocks will allow for up to 1" of additional wheel travel.
Urethane bushings reduce bushing deflection compared to stock rubber bushings.
Control arm pivots include zerk fittings to grease the urethane bushings & inner sleeves without disassembly.
2 stage powder coat process includes a durable clear coat to provide a long lasting finish.
Complete grade 8 hardware kit is included.

Total Chaos Titan Upper A Arms

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