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We saw a problem with nearly every 4.0L powered Tacoma, 4runner, and FJ that came into our shop...the factory motor mounts were broken, smashed, or completely damaged...even to the point that the frame would start to crack. We've had such good luck with our Nissan mounts that we figured the bushings could be incorporated into a nice mount for these trucks. The results are fantastic. These mounts are sold as a pair and install easier than the stock style mounts. We have upgraded the center bolt from 11mm to 1/2 and the hole in the brackets on the motor side will need to have a 1/2 drill run through (we will provide the 1/2 drill bit too)...this is easy since the bracket needs to come off the motor to remove the factory mounts anyway. Price includes shipping in the 50 states.

Toyota 4.0L Motor Mounts

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