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Note: please measure your inner tie rod diameter before placing your order. Seems a handfull of replacement racks use the larger 16mm inner tie rod. If you dont have a set of calipers, do your best with a tapemeasure/ruler. The 15mm measure right around .590" (a bit more than 9/16 but clearly less than 5/8") and the 16mm tierod threads measure about .615"-.620 (almost 5/8"). If you order the wrong ones, you can send them back and we will exchange the sleeves.


 We are finally releasing these heim tie rod ends for the later model Toyota Tacoma/FJ/4runner. Weve been building these for a over a decade for the Nissan community with exeptional results. These simply replace the stock outer tie rod. The specifics are a cromoly FK 3/4" telflon lined heim attached to the spindle using 316 stainless misalingment spacers/adaptors and grade 8 hardware. We can make these any length to replace extensions for the wider armed kits (long travel). These are also made to fit the 15mm or 16mm inner tie rods to match what you have. They come bare so you can paint to match. We also use right hand theads so if the jam nuts ever got loose, the end could never unthread iteself. Alingnment is done just like stock by turning the inner tie rod and locking the inner/stock jam nut. These are sold as a pair and built to order and take just a couple days to make. Free USPS shipping is included in the 50 states

Toyota Tacoma/FJ/4Runner HeimTie Rod End

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