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These are a 2 leaf AAL designed to lift the rear of your 2005+ Xterra 2.5" and provide much-needed bottoming resistance while still providing a better ride than stock (even when empty). These springs are designed to replace the stock overload leaf (combining them is not recommended). The combined thickness of the pack will be about the same as stock so longer u-bolts are not required. Installation is pretty easy and can be done with basic hand tools, a few c-clamps, and a bit of muscle. There is a slight chance of vibration between 35-45mph and if that happens you can order our shim kit to reduce it. Price is for a pair of the springs and we generally have plenty of these in stock, but do to the fact they are built for us specifically by one manufacture in the USA, there can be a wait.

These springs carry a 1 year warantee against cracking outside the ubolts. If the springs crack in between the ubolts, that means the Ubolts were not tight enough.

Xterra 2.5 Dual Leaf AAL Pack

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