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Its not that we are "out of stock" I simply no longer want to sell this pacakge any longer.


8-12 weeks to build

This Xterra specific kit uses our new aluminum fully adjustable coilovers that are assmebled and ready to install. This kit also uses the SPC upper a-arms, our Deaver double add-a-leaf that replaces the overload leaf and Bilstein 5100 series rear shocks.  Max lift in the front is 3" but can go taller if you dont mind a little loss in ride quality. The rear is about 3" lift and will yeild a level stance with better than stock ride and far better bottoming resistance. This is simply the best riding kit we currently offer for the Xterra. You will see a 25% increase in wheel travel for better bump absorption as well as much better traction offroad. These coilovers are avaible in 500-650lb rates also and comes with a very nice spanner wrench.  Note, do not run spacers on top of these shocks,....these are currently the longest coilovers made for this combo and have to be used specifically with the SPC arms or coilbucket contact will occure. This kit comes with our 3 degree billet axle shims too. And we stongly suggest removing the rear sway bar for best ride and max traction  We try to stock all of these items, but the coilovers can take a week or so to assemble and the SPC arms will typically drop ship straight to you. 

Xterra Advanced Coilover Pacakge Aldan

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