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This kit offers from 1-3+ inches of lift in the front using an extended length Radflo 2.0 (2 inch diameter...the 2.0 has nothing to do with the amount of lift) and PRG Frontier/Xterra upper a-arms There is no need to add any form of spacer as you can get coilbucket contact and really no more usable height (and potential binding of the lower ball joint and cv boot wear) the coilovers are made as long as possible to fit with the extra clearance provided from the new upper a-arms. The rear of this package uses our Deaver built 2-leaf AAL and an extended set of Bilstien 5125 rear shocks.  We include 3 degree shims with this kit. The rear of this kit lifts about 2.5-3" and will really prevent bottoming and rides much better than stock. These AAL will easily support a rear mounted spare and heavy rear bumper as well as gear. This also works great if towing a small trailer. With this kit removing the rear sway bar is suggested as it will only hurt traction if kept and is not noticeable when removed. The coilovers can be built with myriad of spring rates. Although we try to stock these items, there can be a delay in shipping if we are waiting on an item. The coilovers are built-to-order and generally take about 10-12 working days to build and will ship directly from Radflo.  Cam bolts are suggested for an easy and complete alignment. Cams can also be used to move the tires forward for even more clearance for bigger tires. 285/75-16 is the common "largest" tire that people run, often mis-termed a 33" tire, but close to that in overall height. You CAN run bigger tires, but cutting, pounding, grinding, and cussing are often required.

Alignment after instalation is required. 

Spring rate suggestions
550lb-2wd 6cyl
600lb-4wd stock bumper
650lb-4wd aftermarket steel bumper (Heafty, Shrock, etc)
700lb-4wd steel bumper AND winch 

Xterra Advanced Coilover Package w PRG Upper A-arms

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