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Looking to upgrade your stock shocks? What we have here is the front bilstein 5100 series shocks combined with the 5100 series rear shocks. The front offer up to 2" lift but we suggest limiting the lift to 1.5" on a 4wd but 2" on a 2wd is just dandy. As for the rear, these are the stock length and are fine with rear lifts up to about 1.5" (be it shackles or matter the method, 1.5" is 1.5"). People often ask if these are the same as the factory offroad/pro4x shocks...they are NOT. The front are longer and have differnt tuning and a bigger lower bushing. The rears are the same length but ride better and have stronger mounts. Install time is about 2-3 hrs as the front shocks require a good spring compressor to mount, the rear shocks are stupid-easy to install. These shocks drop-ship from a Bils warehouse.

Xterra Bilstein 5100 Package

SKU: xbils5100kit
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