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These are specially valved and built just for the rear of your Xterra. These are the best riding shocks currently available, period. They are an emulsion shock (they do not use an internal dividing piston and must be mounted with the body facing upright). These shocks are completely rebuildable and revalveable. They are a direct bolt on shock. What makes these different than other mono tube race shocks is that they use a 5/8 lower bearing (all 2.0 shocks use a 1/2" bearing) that allows for the factory 14mm lower bolt to be retained. These can be built in a few different length options. 

An Easy way to tell how long a shock is required is to measure the existing shock at ride height (tires on the ground as it normally sits) and add 2-3" to get the extended length. If you are lifting it, be sure to add the amout to the original number. Example; as it sits you crawl under there and form bolt-to-bolt the shock measures 16.5". You are gonna add a 2" lift AAL, your total will be 18.5". Add 3 to that for 21.5" and that will be the length needed. If you order a shock that is too long, it will bottom out sooner. 





Xterra Radflo Rear Emulsion Shocks

SKU: xrfrearemul
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