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NOTE; any coilover/shock order will have 24 hrs to cancel after ordered or be subject to a 30% cancellation fee if you change your mind later. Due to Covid all production times have been extended and availabilty of product has simply decreased creating longer wait times. 


These shocks are a great option on 2nd gen Xterras for lifted applications. These shocks ride well, a bit firmer than stock, and can help prevent some bottoming that the stock shocks allow (better than the factory OffRoad/Pro4x Bilsteins). We offer these in mariad lengths to accomodate just about lift you may have. We modify the lower mounts with new urethane tbushings and thick-walled crush sleeves to be a direct bolt-on. Mant other vendors sell these shocks with a bag of parts or thin-walled sleeves (saves the cost of the new bushings) that crush when the the bolt is tightened. Thses shocks ca nbe mounted body up or body difference in performance. Some like the body down as the shiney body tends to look better over time as the black boot can fade (factory mounts the body down too). But they can be mounted body up and this provides enough clearnce to run the rear sway bar wit ha longer shock....although most people have removed the rear sway bar already. These shocks are sold by the pair.

Xterra Rear 5125 Bilstein Shocks

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